Sell a Home As Is on Long Island

Repairs Can Be Expensive!

Are you worried because your house needs major repairs that you can’t afford or just don’t want to pay for yourself? Many people won’t even consider buying a house in need of repair because it’s difficult for them to get a bank loan and they don’t want to deal with the aggravation of a house renovation which can lead to many unexpected costs. Additionally, if you try to sell it to a normal home buyer, they may back out after the inspection results come back.

What are some of the common repairs needed on Long Island homes?

One of the most common issues that appear on Long Island Home Inspection reports is evidence of water damage. It is believed that over one third of all residential properties in Long Island suffer from water penetration of the basement or crawlspace. Water damage can be especially problematic because it is considered a material defect and therefore must be disclosed to potential buyers. Other common repair items are roof damage, bad electrical wiring, and faulty heating systems. All of these items can be costly to repair and could hinder a potential buyer’s ability to obtain a loan to buy the house.

How to sell your home as is on Long Island

If you’re concerned about the condition of your home, you can stop worrying and rest easy. We want to purchase your home regardless of the condition it’s in, and we’ll never ask you to make any repairs as a condition to close. It doesn’t matter if your home needs major remodeling, or even a complete rebuild. We have excellent contractors that can salvage even the toughest fixer-uppers.

We are well funded cash buyers (we don’t need to bank loans or mortgage contingencies), so we can buy your home quickly, as is. We’ll restore the house to like new condition, which also benefits the neighbors and surrounding area. We have helped many sellers out of similar painful situations because we are experts at setting up win-win transactions for all parties involved.

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