Are You a Wholesaler & Great at Finding Deals?

We’re looking to partner with wholesalers and bird dogs that are great at finding deals. We can buy them, help you sell them, or give you the experience to work them yourself.

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    Ways We Can Work Together

    As a wholesaler or bird dog, you come across properties with all types of issues. We are professional home buyers with hundreds of deals under our belt and can help you navigate the most complex situations. We believe in building relationships and here are some of the common scenarios in which Leave The Key Homebuyers can collaborate with wholesalers.

    We'll Be the Buyer

    We’re looking to buy more properties than ever before and we’ll gladly buy your deals as long as the numbers work. We use our own cash and are ready to close as soon as we have title.

    Let's JV

    You are great at finding deals, but what about selling them? As one of the top home buyers in the area, we have a network of investors, agents, and other cash buyers that we can leverage to help you assign the contracts you lock up. We can provide the proof of funds, deposit, attorney, and handle dispositions for you.

    Training From an Experienced Investor

    If you are still new and want someone experienced by your side, we’ll happily help underwrite your deal, go on the seller appointment/call with you, help you structure an offer, and estimate repairs.

    Why Leave The Key is Perfect for Wholesalers

    Working with Leave The Key

    • We are cash buyers that really close
    • Strong buyers list to assign deals we don’t buy ourselves
    • Large financial backing with money we are looking to deploy
    • An experienced team that can help mentor and advise you
    • Any level of rehab whether it’s a flip or new construction
    • Honest and trustworthy just look at our reviews

    Working with another Investor

    • Limited track record of closing an unlimited number of deals
    • Provides no benefit if they don’t buy the deal
    • First has to try to find a lender in order to close
    • Limited experience or appetite to assist
    • Only comfortable with small renovation projects
    • Investing can often be a shady business

    What We’re Looking to Buy / Our Buying Criteria

    Our Strategies

    • Fix & Flip
    • Short Sales
    • REOs
    • Buy & Hold Single-Family
    • Land
    • New Construction Opportunities

    The Numbers

    • $50k – $1.25m purchase price
    • Looking for a 23% margin based on ARV


    • Nassau County
    • Suffolk County
    • Queens
    • Brooklyn

    Common Questions we get from Wholesalers