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Guide to probate in New York

Probate Guide

A complete guide with common questions about the probate process.
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Documents required for the probate process

Probate Documents

This guide explains what documents are needed during probate.
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Digital estate plan

Digital Estate Plan

Should you have a digital estate plan? This post talks about why.
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Probate Resources

he passing of a loved one is never easy. The process causes unimaginable grief and sadness. Unfortunately, the event also causes a great deal of confusion – especially when it comes to the matter of settling a loved one’s estate.

The process of working through taxes, debts, and inheritance can be time-consuming and costly. That’s why we put together some of the best probate resources to help in the process. Whether you’re an heir or executor, more than likely you’ll have questions. Thankfully, there are some incredible resources on probate out there. We’ve compiled some of the best probate resources below.

Probate & Estate Settlement Assistance Services

With our recently launched FREE Probate & Estate Settlement Assitance Program we aim to simplify, streamline, and de-stress probate and estate settlement as much as possible. Our experienced professionals serve as your trusted advisors, helping the executor with everything from finding a suitable probate attorney to selling the home and liquidating other assets.

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Guide to probate in New York

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Impact of Covid-19 on Probate in New York

Larry Wagner speaks with Harold Bollaci, an elder law and estate planning attorney at Bollaci Law, to discusses how Coronavirus is impacting the probate process in New York and how it is impacting the speed at which people are settling their estates through the surrogates court. He explains how long the process is currently taking and why we’re seeing a backlog and delay in this process.

Using Trust Planning to Help Exempt Your Home from Probate

Trusts are not just for the wealthy! Harold Bollaci, an elder law and estate planning attorney at Bollaci Law, discusses why trust planning (either a revocable or irrevocable trust) is the best thing people can do to protect their home for themselves and future generations and to avoid the delays and costs associated with probate or administration.