Best Things To Do In New York this Year

New York City is an incredible city that offers you numerous activities and experiences to enjoy alone, with friends, or with family. Locals and visitors alike can enjoy a day – or week! – off in this beautiful urban area and never get bored. 

Whether you are moving to or out of New York, this guide helps you explore the 15 things you must do in the Big Apple this year for an exhilarating adventure. 

Let’s delve in!

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About New York

Traveling to the five boroughs can be fun, especially when you are well informed concerning the different navigation elements like transportation and accessibility. Among the five, Staten Island and Manhattan are islands, Bronx is connected to the U.S mainland, and Queens and Brooklyn are part of Long Island. 

The tunnels, bridges, and ferries linking the islands facilitate the city’s adventurous and easy touring. In addition, the five boroughs come with numerous parks and sights, offering you the best things to do in New York.

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Fun Facts About New York

New York City presents you with the beautiful Manhattan skyline and more activities that create an exhilarating experience for you. But there is so much more to this city than what you see.

Here are interesting facts about New York that may fascinate you:

  • The Initial Name of this City was New Amsterdam: The original name of NYC was New Amsterdam which originated from the Dutch settlers who arrived in this region first in 1624. However, in 1664, the English named the city New York City in honor of the Duke of York.
  • The Liberty Statue was a Gift from the French: This fun fact seems ironic, but it serves as a reminder of the friendship between the U.S and France. The French sent the statue in 350 pieces, although the flame-holding right arm had arrived earlier. 
  • There Exist More than 800 Languages: New York hosts a diverse population, with the citizens speaking more than 800 languages. Holding the largest population of any United States city, the Big Apple has fewer New Yorkers than foreigners. That’s why you can enjoy the city tour as you encounter people from different cultures.
  • NYC Hosted the First Pizzeria in the U.S: You are in for a great experience, as this city opened the first Pizzeria in the United States, Lombardi’s Pizza, on 32 Spring Street. This Pizzeria was opened a century ago, and it keeps growing strong as it now has 1600 pizzerias in the city. 
  • It’s Illegal to Honk Your Horn: Although it may sound unreal, it’s law in New York City. You are only allowed to honk your horn if it’s an emergency. This law also applies to car alarms, and you may be fined if you don’t abide by it.

Best Things to Do In New York

New York City is endowed with beautiful sights, museums, sports, food choices, and much more that you can barely choose what to engage in. Whether you are looking for what to do in New York in one or three days, here are 15 things you must do in New York this year.

1. Visit Central Park: With most of the attractions surrounding it, this part of the city is a great place to visit. You may be tempted to pass through as you head to another place; however, it’s more fun when you are present for the moment.

2. Visit the American Museum of Natural History: This incredible museum is situated on the west of Central Park, and it houses 32 million artifacts inside. It also includes 25 buildings and 45 exhibition halls where you get to learn and interact.

3. Have a Nostalgic Moment with the Music of the 1890s: The Museum of the City of New York allows you to have a magical and nostalgic moment with the 1980’s music. The show examines the different music in that era that has influenced the city’s cultural landscape.

4. Go to Dior Exhibit in Brooklyn: This exhibition encompasses numerous elements, from fashion to accessories. It’s one of the best things to do in Brooklyn, New York, as you will get to see over 200 haute couture garments, videos, and vintage perfume elements.

5. Adventure the Little Island: New York City has opened a new attraction called the Little Island, which is a floating island park, complete with a waterside amphitheater. 

6. Take the Jazz Cruise: Taking a sunset jazz cruise is one of the best things you can do in New York. You get to enjoy the yacht experience, cozy pillows, corner tables, and a glass of champagne.

7. Explore Arcadia Earth: This immersive art exhibit is fascinating and educative as it points out the different environmental challenges that the world is facing. It features 15 rooms of the spotlight, inspiring you artistically and ethically. 

8. National September 11 Memorial & Museum: With a sobering but moving atmosphere, this museum serves as a tribute to the 2001 and 1993 attacks victims.

9. Visit Grand Central Terminal: This iconic train station has numerous food and shopping options. You can eat lunch in the Oyster Bar and shop for a souvenir as you leave.

10. Take a Trip to the Empire State Building: One of the things you must do in New York is take a trip to the Empire State Building. Although there are hefty fees, crowds, and long lines, the ultimate view is worth it!

11. Statue of Liberty: Of course, the Statue of Liberty is an excellent place to visit all year round. You only need to catch a boat earlier to avoid the disorganized lines.

12. Visit Times Square: This colorful and exciting place can be excellent to visit after the Broadway show or dark to enjoy the view without disruption.

13. NYC Food Tours: Whether you want to adventure a particular borough or a specific cuisine, you will get a tour that will appeal to your taste buds in NYC. You can leverage expert analysis and travel reviews to choose the best food trip.

14. Enjoy the Broadway Shows: The Broadway shows are impressive, and the beautiful marquees and cozy theaters make it more enjoyable.

15. Bronx Zoo: If you are taking your family to NYC, the Bronx Zoo is a fantastic place to visit. This tourist attraction hosts over 4000 animals and can be an excellent place for older visitors away from the busy places in the city.

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Best National Parks in New York

New York City hosts numerous remarkable landscapes in its national parks. From the Long Island to Great Lakes, the following five state parks showcase NYC at its most beautiful:

1. Letchworth State Park: Popularly known as the Grand Canyon of the East, Letchworth State Park is endowed with cliffs, vistas, and three massive waterfalls. It offers you numerous fun activities such as hiking, kayak trips, and hiking.

2. Watkins Glen State Park: If you are looking for a gorge experience with a breathtaking view, Watkins Glen State Park is the place to visit. This park has a trail that allows you to navigate through the deep gorge and behind the waterfalls. 

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3. Niagara Falls State Park: If you are visiting New York state for the first time, you may want to travel north and visit America’s oldest park to experience the Mist of the Maid Tour. This park will also give you the history of Niagara Falls and access to three different islands.

4. Chimney Bluffs State Park: The unique landscape and beachfront setting of this park give you a spectacular view. You will enjoy it here if you like hiking since there are trails to guide you atop the bluffs.

5. Minnewaska State Park: Since it hosts beautiful sights and multiple activities like camping, hiking, and biking, this park is ideal for first-time visitors and those planning to leave NYC.

Famous Sights to See in New York

Famous Sights to See in New York

A great adventure never lacks incredible sights, and that’s what New York offers you. Ensure you catch these famous sights in your New York.

1. A Bird’s Eye View of the City: If you want to have a 360 view of New York City, climb to the top of the Empire State Building. You can see everything from Central Park to the Statue of Liberty.

2. Times Square: Times Square brings you flashing bright lights and concrete blocks ideal for taking selfies and photos. You also get to see this sight from indoors if you don’t like crowded places.

3. Top of the Rock: This is another incredible observation deck that will give you a broad and clear view of New York City. You can see Manhattan, Empire State Building, the city colors, and lights

4. Brooklyn Bridge: Are you planning to move from Brooklyn? You can capture some memories on the Brooklyn Bridge, which offers stunning skyline views. With Brooklyn Park behind you, you will have beautiful images to carry with you.

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5. Manhattan Skyline: The National Historic Landmark, situated in Midtown, provides you with a breathtaking view of New York’s skyline. You can see the bridges, Staten Island, and the Statue of Liberty.


Whether you’re visiting New York or thinking about moving away and want to experience everything before you go, the attractions listed above are a must.

This city has a rich history that has influenced its current state, and it hosts numerous national parks and famous sights. As you consider whether to sell a house now or wait, experience New York City in its diverse ambiance!