Selling Your House in the Winter in New York

Do you have a home in New York and have to sell it in the winter? Traditionally, the winter months aren’t considered the best time of year for finding potential home buyers. No matter how good your curb appeal is, it can be hard to attract potential buyers in cold and unpleasant weather. Realtors will almost always tell you that the spring is the best time to put your house on the market. 

However, things are different today than they were in the past. With the ability to list and market your home online, you can reach and attract potential buyers no matter whether there’s snow on the ground or the sun is high in the sky. It’s much easier, however, to hold open houses in warm weather. 

Even though there’s less competition in the home market in the winter, you might still have trouble finding enough potential buyers eager to come and see your property. This is where finding the right cash buyer comes in. 

Should You Sell Your NY House in the Winter

Should You Sell Your NY House in the Winter?

Many real estate agents will say you shouldn’t try to sell your house in the winter in New York, or anywhere else for that matter. But what if you have to go ahead and put your home on the market when it’s cold and snowy outside? 

One advantage of selling your house in the winter is that you probably won’t have as much competition. Other homeowners’ hesitation in putting their homes on the market in the winter will work to your advantage. Why not break away from the pack and take advantage of this little-known benefit? 

Don’t worry about not finding buyers. Remember, people can find your house online, no matter whether it’s sunny or snowy outside. The old rule of thumb that you need nice weather to sell your home no longer applies. 

Is Winter a Good Time To Sell Your House in NY? 

Like every other part of the country, you can certainly sell a house in winter in New York. That is because, in today’s house market, you can use the power of online listings and marketing. As New York is a northern state, you will have to deal with winter weather. If you want to hold open houses, it will be challenging to get people to come. 

As long as you’re willing and able to forgo holding open house events, winter is a viable time to sell your house in New York. If you decide to sell to a cash buyer, you won’t have to worry about doing any marketing or hiring a realtor. 

What’s the Best Month To Sell a House in the Winter?

Should you sell your house now or wait? March has recently been determined to be the best month for house-selling in the United States overall. October is generally the worst month for putting your house on the market. When it comes to New York, you will probably be surprised that December 23 to 29th is the best week to sell your home quickly. That week is also the best for getting an above-list price for your house. 

Something as mundane as taxes plays a part in why you just might find the perfect buyer during the winter holidays. Remember that there are tax benefits that come with purchasing a home. If a potential home buyer hasn’t managed to find the perfect house by that point, they might rush to the finish line. 

How To Sell a House in New York in the Winter

As the best week for selling real estate in New York happens to be in December, you will be in a better position than you’d be in another part of the country. When selling your house in the winter, you’ll do best when you create a certain kind of ambiance

If you’re going to be selling your home when there are holiday decorations up, don’t go overboard. Remember, your prospective home buyers may have different tastes in that area than you do. You need to make your home as universally appealing as possible. 

People love being cozy during the winter in New York, which is the kind of atmosphere you want to create when potential buyers visit your property. You can convey a sense of comfort in pictures you take for posting in your listing. 

Don’t neglect your home’s exterior. Yes, it’s winter, but you won’t impress prospective buyers if your property doesn’t look well-maintained. Ensure your eavestroughs are clean. If any repairs are needed, make sure you do them before you put your home on the market. Use warm water with soap to wash off your siding and the exterior paintwork. 

Don’t forget the windows. If they’re dirty, this will show up more in the winter. If you’re having prospective home buyers come into your house, take steps to keep your floors clean. Purchase some rubber mats and put them by your doors. 

Do you have a fireplace? This is a great decorative feature during the winter. Make sure to operate it when you have people come over to view your house. To add to your home’s comfortable and cozy feeling, you could try baking some cookies. That aroma will always make your house more inviting. 

Now is the Best Time To Sell Your House

Now is the Best Time To Sell Your House

Worried you won’t find a buyer fast enough? The right cash buyer will purchase your house right now. If you’re looking for companies that buy houses in Brooklyn, cash home buyers in Long Island, or any other part of New York, Leave the Key Homebuyers is the solution you’ve been looking for. 

Maybe you’ve never thought about accepting a cash offer for your house. Some homeowners don’t even know that is an option. But there are plenty of benefits of going this route. One is the unparalleled convenience. After all, you won’t have to put your home on the traditional market and need a realtor or real estate agent’s services. 

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