How Hard Is It to Sell a House in Queens? [Tips, Advice and Information on Queens Real Estate]

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Are you trying to complete a home sale in Queens and have found very few potential buyers? If you have just started dipping your toe into the housing market, you might wonder: how hard is it to sell a house in Queens?

Even in a seller’s market, some properties may not get a bid right away. For instance, you may have set the asking price too high, or the home staging isn’t good enough and your place is too dark. The photos your real estate agent posted may not look impressive enough for home buyers.

However, there are steps you can take to improve your home selling prospects. Keep reading to learn those exact steps. Now, let’s get started!

Is It Hard To Sell a House in Queens?

So, how hard is it to sell a house in Queens? The local market in New York City has extremely high home prices, and your home’s value may end up too high for most buyers to consider.

You may find that it’s hard to sell a house in Queens when using a realtor who lacks the experience needed. The real estate market in Queens may also have too many inferior listings, and you’ll find the real estate agents failing to provide adequate photography of properties. The descriptions of homes may have inaccuracies or inadequate information. 

Whether a listing agent or a buyer’s agent, the realtors in Queens often fail to market the home properly. For example, you may even find property photos on Zillow uploaded upside down.

As such, you may benefit from selling your home as a For Sale By Owner (FSBO) strategy without using a real estate agent. That way you can save money on the 5 or 6 percent real estate commission on your new home sale.

Why It Can Be Hard To Sell a House Sometimes

There are numerous reasons why you may find it hard to sell your home. For instance, the selling process may not go well if you have priced your home too high

Homeowners looking to move and buy a new property expect home sellers to have discounts on aging kitchens, outdated plumbing systems, peeling paint, and a cluttered, messy house. Therefore, you’ll need to lower your home sale price.

Furthermore, if your home has dark-colored walls, black curtains, and poorly lit rooms, fewer buyers would want to move into the gloomy house. You’ll want to take off the curtains, open up the windows, and bring more light to the home. Also, paint your walls a pastel color to attract more buyers.

Furthermore, if the listing photos are inferior and look too cluttered/busy, then buyers won’t want to even view the home. You’ll need professional photographers to take quality photos of your property before posting them on RedFin, Zillow, or another multiple listing service.

Asking Price Is Too High

One of the main reasons why a home may sit on the market without undergoing that final real estate transaction is a high asking price. As such, you should look at the comparative market analysis in your local housing market. 

What are the prices of similar homes in your neighborhood? Assess the values of similar homes and speak to realtors to better determine the market value of your property.

When you put up a high asking price and then lower it over time, your home will stay on the market for a long while. When homes are left on the market too long, buyers may think there’s a problem with the property. As such, it’s best to price the house right at the beginning. 

Your Photos Aren’t Good Enough

If you are selling your property by yourself as an FSBO, you will still need to hire a qualified photographer with enough experience taking photos of real estate properties. Quality photos are crucial to attract buyers looking at properties online. That’s the first way that potential buyers decide whether to visit a property or not.

You might want to add more creative photos showcasing your property at night, as long as there’s enough light. Before taking photos, make sure to stage the house appropriately and add bright, modern furniture. 

If you can’t hire a professional photographer, take your own photos in a well-lit house. Before taking those photos, ensure a clean, decluttered house with flowers in vases and well-staged furniture. 

The House Looks Cluttered

Buyers are not likely to put up a high bid or match the asking price if the home’s kitchen is outdated or the place looks cluttered. Does the bathroom look like it’s slowly falling apart? Or are there way too many toiletries blocking access to the sink and bathtub? 

A cluttered house will not attract home buyers in the least. If your home is not in top condition, you will need to either renovate the place or price it according to the clutter and appliances in disrepair. The easiest step to attracting home buyers is to declutter and deep clean your house. 

Are the carpets stained? Get carpet cleaning products to wash out those stains. Are any rooms extra dusty, or do the bathroom tiles have grout? Clean out the grout from the tiles and remove the dust until the house looks pristine. 

If the closets, bathrooms, and kitchen look cluttered, it’s time to organize and donate old items you never use. You can even get a storage area to leave the largest items and make your house look more spacious for potential buyers.

Viewings Aren’t Going Well

When I tried to buy my house Queens, realtors and my buyer’s agent showed me tons of potential properties. Soon, the large number of places felt too similar, and only a few truly stood out from the rest. One of the reasons why your viewings may not be going well is due to inferior aspects that make your home blend in with the rest. 

You may not have marketed the place well enough to stand out. Try to find what makes your house better than the rest and emphasize that in your marketing materials. Does your house have a two-car garage? Does it have a washer and dryer that’s easy to reach? Or is it right next door to an elementary school for your kids?

Emphasize these positive qualities in your photo listings and other marketing brochures. 

The House Needs a Lick of Paint

A young homeowner repainting her house

You will find real estate agents constantly telling you to paint your home both on the exterior and interior so that it will sell faster and at a higher price. When buyers see a newly painted house, they will find it much more move-in ready. 

You’ll want to pick nice, neutral colors, such as pastels like light purple or light yellow. A simple gray or white should work well to hide chipped paint from your walls. The exterior paint of your house should also blend well with the rest of the neighborhood, so pick magnolia, cream, or another neutral color.

Painting in neutral colors will help attract the largest number of buyers for your house.  

You’re Targeting the Wrong Buyers

If you rushed into listing your home on the real estate market, you may not have taken the time to target the right buyers for the property. If you’re looking to sell to a new couple or family, you may not have done your due diligence in repairing some easy fixes, like a leaky faucet or poor lighting. 

You may have posted dark photos of your property or images of cluttered rooms. To target the right buyers, you need to have bright, attractive photos or a decluttered, clean house. Your realtor will need to put the listing on MLS, Trulia, Zillow, RedFin, and even social media sites. 

How To Sell a House Quicker in Queens

There are quick and cheap ways to sell a house in Queens. The easiest step is to seek out real estate investors, house flippers, and cash home buyers. These professionals will provide you with a fair cash offer without having to renovate or fix up your house. 

Not only will you get to save money on renovations, but you won’t need to cover realtor commission fees and can sell your place in its current condition. Cash home buyers can also buy your property very quickly. You can complete the sale in only a few short weeks since cash buyers won’t need to wait on a mortgage loan approval.


You may have come here wondering, ‘How hard is it to sell a house?’ The guide here should have described the problems you may face when selling a house in Queens and the solutions you can take to resolve those obstacles.

For instance, you may need to focus on decluttering your home, completing some renovations, and getting landscaping work done to get top dollar for your home. However, if you don’t have time to renovate and declutter, you can sell your home as is to real estate investors and cash home buyers in Queens.

The cash offer process on a house goes faster than trying to find buyers in need of a lender and a mortgage loan. We buy houses Queens City residents show interest in, so contact us today!

How Hard Is It to Sell a House in Queens?