Creative Ways to Sell Your House in New York

If you have ever sold a home or at least tried to, you know it isn’t as easy as it sounds. No matter how hot the property market is or how unique your house looks, selling the conventional way: predictable listing, dull-looking flyers, and using social media posts might not work.

With intense competition from other sellers, it becomes even trickier. You know your home in and out. Even with all the expertise, a realtor has no particular connection with your home. Therefore, you are at an advantage of using this personal touch to connect with potential buyers.

Selling your home in New York should not be a long and tiring process. You can sell your home in a breeze.

All you need are some new creative ways to sell your house in New York, and we’ve got you covered. Needless to say, here are the top 6 proven fresh twists to old tactics to sell your home like a genius!

Selling Your House Fast Creatively

Selling Your House Fast Creatively

Several factors can influence how fast you sell your home. 

Selling your house traditionally, like putting up a for-sale sign upfront, is not as efficient anymore. Times have changed, and the world is digitizing everything, including Real estate. According to a NAR 2019 report, 44% of homebuyers searched for homes online.

The most creative ways to sell your house fast in New York are affordable, effective, and straightforward for sellers without the expertise. If you are not selling to a cash buyer, it would be best to find a strategy of selling a house asap.

Advantages of Selling Your House Fast Creatively

So, what are the advantages of creatively selling your home fast in New York? As earlier said, creative house selling can be fast. Moreover, there are some added advantages of the process, which include the following.

Less Struggle, Greater Convenience

Selling your home the typical way poses a bevy of inconveniences. These include the struggle of deciding who is a potential buyer and who is just there to waste your time. 

Fortunately, these creative ways to sell your house in New York targets the potential market directly. Thus, this reduces the hassle of dealing with too many buyers who may not be interested in the type of home you have to offer.

Reduced Sales that Fall Through

Imagine going through the entire sale process, only to have your offer fall through at the 11th hour. This often occurs with traditional ways of selling a house. 

However, with these new creative ways, transactions are completed fast, and hence there is no chance for a buyer to get cold feet. Creativity is the way to go if you are looking for a surefire way to sell your home fast.

Fewer Costs and Fees

One of the benefits of accepting cash offers is that costs of sale are lower. For instance, you do not have any agent fees to cater for. Additionally, you are not charged by the cash home buyers. The only thing you may need to pay is the amount owed to your mortgagor. 

No Need for Home Improvements

Now you are thinking, how do I “sell my house fast Long Island?” If so, you need to consider selling it for cash because most companies buy the house on an as-is basis. They will not ask you to do anything like repairs or repaint the rooms. 

So, there you have it, selling your home using the new creative ways has many exciting advantages. It eliminates all complexities of selling your home conventionally.

Creative Ways to Sell Your New York Home

It’s time we revealed the secret out-of-the-box ways to sell your house in New York. These perspectives are proven and sure to work in helping you find home buyers fast.

Research the New York Property Market

New York has varied neighborhoods with unique characteristics. Before you venture into any market, it’s paramount to gain an in-depth understanding of how it works, the best times to sell, and all its characteristics.

New York is famous for its iconic skyline and attracting renters from all walks of life. It has a developed transport network which makes it very accessible. The city’s boroughs make it ideal for residential property investors.

The Covid-19 pandemic created an intense impact on the city’s housing market. It made some renters flee the market to take up residence in neighboring suburbs. This has primarily impacted the markets, but that does mean it is the wrong time to invest. 

The market is currently on a toll, but the city is set for a major comeback when normalcy resumes. 

The housing price index for New York shows that the single-family property movement has gradually increased over the years. Additionally, the median home price is $550,000.

Use websites like Redfin or Zillow to estimate the prices of real estate in your neighborhood. These factors can help you determine when best to sell your home from housing demand and supply to real estate financial health. That brings us to our next point.

Timing Your House Sale

It is vital to understand that timing plays a huge role whenever you want to sell your house or anything. You don’t want to sell a house when nobody wants one.

The best months to sell your house are May and June. The best day to sell your home is Thursday. However, remember that local market conditions will also help determine the best time to sell your house. These factors include job growth, tax incentives, or mortgage rates.

Consider marketing your home during oddball holidays. They can help you sell your house fast, even in off-peak seasons.

September 18, National Cheeseburger Day – it would be enticing for buyers to find out that your house is in proximity to a place that makes great cheeseburgers.

April 22, Earth Day – Spotlight on your house’s green features like renewable power sources, LED lights, double-paned windows, etc. NAR revealed that 59% of home buyers are intrigued by sustainability.

June 5, National Donut Day – list your home with a few great places to buy donuts that are close to your home. 

If you are not sure when is the best time to sell your house, we buy homes in Nassau County at any time for cash.

Maximizing Reach and Awareness of Your House Sale

For you to maximize reach, you need out-of-the-box ways and marketing strategies. Some of the most popular channels include SEO, websites, email, and social media marketing. Take time to have due diligence before deciding which channels make the most sense for your home.

For instance, if you have a large Instagram following, find tips that will help capitalize on that audience. Make sure you plan first and implement each step to enhance the chances of success.

Use Video to Sell Your House

Use Video to Sell Your House

Video walkthroughs are creative ideas. Since the pandemic, videos have been immensely popular. What if you made the videos more creative by making them funny? It may go viral because the internet loves fun and, in the process, get you a potential buyer.

If your house is a family home, shoot a video showing what it is like for a family to live in your home and neighborhood. 

You could also consider incorporating local businesses or promoting attractions in the video. Whatever you decide, have fun while at it.

You can also send these videos to companies that buy houses in New York to get instant cash offers.

Use Local Influencers to Share House Sale

If you’d love to spread the word about selling your home quickly, try using local influencers in the region to share this information. Find a local influencer that most millennials are following and talk to them about listing your house.

The influencers can post videos you’ve already made about your home or make new ones the best way they know-how. Most of these influencers use social media as their platforms.

Share Key Information About the Area

Remember that the buyer is not just buying the house. The habitability of the neighborhood matters too. What is unique about your neighborhood? Is it suitable for families, students, or young working couples? 

Whichever the case, you want to portray the area’s unique feel and characteristics during marketing. A mention of the local attractions, services, accessibility, restaurants, social amenities would also come in handy to attract potential buyers. 

If a buyer is convinced that the neighborhood is habitable, it will be easier for you to sell.


Selling your house may not be easy, but you can reach as many buyers as possible with a touch of creativity. In turn, the chances of getting a potential buyer are also heightened. Make sure you add a bit of flavor with one of these creative ways to sell your house in New York. 

If you have any burning matters regarding creatively selling your house in NY, Leave the Key Homebuyers are here to help. We’d love to hear from you. We can also help sell your home in NY fast.

NEW Creative Ways to Sell Your House In New York