We Buy Houses For Cash

Reputable “We Buy Houses” Cash Home Buyers On Long Island. Find Out How It Works Below

At Leave the Key, we buy houses for cash in Long Island, regardless of their condition. We also buy houses fast, without it being necessary for you to carry out costly repairs first.

Are you looking for a quick sale? Whatever the reason you are selling, we can help by eliminating Realtor fees, broker commissions, and by helping you sell in time to prevent property foreclosures.

we buy houses for cash on Long Island NY

We Buy Houses for Cash Regardless of Condition or Location

Properties on Long Island can stay on the market for over 68-days before they pique the attention of buyers. However, during this time, it is necessary for you as a homeowner to pay holding costs, such as your mortgage, utlities, HOA fees if there are any, landscaping, taxes, insurance, or any other miscellaneous expenses. 

To make matters worse, many property sales will only close after you agree to negotiate down or carry out last-minute home repairs.

At Leave the Key Homebuyers, we make Long Island home sales simple. We do this by paying cash for houses, without it being necessary to put your property on the market.

  • Sell your house for cash in a matter of days—not weeks or months like with a Long Island Realtor.
  • We buy houses fast, regardless of location or condition.
  • At Leave the Key, we buy houses for cash, with funds available within days after you accept our offer.

Save Time and Money By Eliminating Third-Party Agents

Whenever you sell a property on Long Island, you will pay hefty commissions to everyone from real estate agents to title agents. Cumulatively, all these fees will eat into any profit from home sales.

At Leave the Key, our mission is to make selling your home lighter on your pocket.

We buy houses for cash on Long Island after conducting a single on-site property walk-through. This means that nobody takes a cut from your home sale proceeds but you.

Sell Your House for Cash Fast

On average, properties in Long Island stay on the market for 68-days before they are removed. However, this doesn’t mean that it takes just 68-days to sell a home.

Every year, thousands of Long Island homes fail to sell. Many can stay on the market for several months. However, if your home isn’t in the right neighborhood, you might not even see a single viewing during this time.

Eventually, homeowners who fail to sell take their property off the market. However this only happens after months of cleaning and getting ready for showings, making repairs, and negotiating back and forth with a real estate agent. As a result, thousands of homeowners lose thousands of dollars each year, just by trying to sell their property.

At Leave the Key, we help you save, by paying cash for houses, without you paying even so much as a listing fee.

  • We buy houses for cash without it being necessary for you to pay for property inspections or valuations.
  • Unlike most home buyers, we have cash immediately available. This means that you don’t have to wait for banks or lenders to approve us for new home loans.
  • We can arrange for sale proceeds to reach you by check or bank wire within days of you accepting our offer.
we buy houses in any condition on Long Island

We Buy Houses for Cash that Other Realtors Won’t Touch

Some Long Island neighborhoods have a better reputation than others. There are also some property types that local real estate agents simply won’t touch.

From homes that require extensive renovations, to homes in unappealing areas, some properties are harder to sell than others. In the best case, a Realtor will let you know if your chances of selling are slim. However, not all agents will.

At Leave the Key, we never string you along or make you pay us a penny for our services. If there is a reason why we cannot buy your home, we will tell you forthrightly.

Thankfully, we rarely encounter Long Island properties that we are unable to make an offer for. This being the case, if you need to sell your house for cash fast, we can help.

We are Legitimate Long Island Home Buyers

There are several reasons why you might be looking for a quick home sale.

In some cases, it might be necessary to sell fast because of a threat of foreclosure. Alternatively, it might be necessary to make a quick sale because you will soon be relocating to another area.

Sadly, the phrase ‘we buy houses for cash,’ is often used by scammers and less than reputable property brokers.

At Leave the Key, we know that there are scams out there. This is why we make our home buying process as transparent as possible. We also invite prospective home sellers to check out our credentials before reaching out to us.

  • At Leave the Key, we are reputable home buyers who buy homes for cash in Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn, and New York.
  • We have our own offices where home sellers can visit us on-site in Amityville, NY.
  • We believe in putting client satisfaction before all else. This being the case, you can reach out to us at any time with questions.
sell a house for cash on Long Island

Sell Your House for Cash – But Only Move When You are Ready

Leave the Key makes it easy for Long Island homeowners to sell properties fast, regardless of the location or condition of a property. However, we also know that moving can be stressful.

Are you currently living in a Long Island property that you hope to sell? If so, you can rest safe in the knowledge that we will let you decide when we close sales.

When we buy houses for cash, we can usually close a sale in a matter of days. However, when we close is entirely up to you. This means that you can still take your time to secure a mortgage or tenancy on a new property.

How Our Process Works

Leave the Key buys houses for cash all across Long Island. Unlike when selling your home via an agent, we also make the sales process as hassle-free as possible.

To sell your house fast for cash, all that is necessary is for you to submit your property details on our website. When we receive these, we will start assessing your property. If we believe we can make you an offer, we will schedule a brief on-site property walk-through.

  • During a walk-through, we visually confirm basic property details, including the number of bedrooms, etc.
  • A walk-through is not equivocal to a professional home inspection. However, we will visually asses the condition of your property.
  • After a walk-through, we will take notes and start the process of preparing an offer.

At no point during a walk-through will we ask you to cover any costs or agree to any pre-sale conditions.

In most cases, agents who conduct a walk-through of your home will be able to make you a cash offer the same day. However, in some cases, preparing an offer may take up to 24-hours.

Am I Obligated to Accept Cash Offers?

At Leave the Key, we cover the cost of viewing your property. This means that you never pay us a penny. When we make you an offer, there is also no obligation for you to accept this.

If you are not happy with an offer amount, let us know. We might not be able to negotiate. However, we won’t try and pressure you into accepting. We also know that in many cases, it will be necessary for you to discuss any offer with other family members.

We Offer Cash for Houses That Traditionally Don’t Sell

Some homes in Long Island simply don’t sell. This is especially true when it comes to properties that are vacant for long periods.

Properties in a state of neglect often depreciate in value, even when the Long Island property market is at all-time highs. Homes that require extensive renovations or remodeling can, therefore, become financial liabilities.

Are You Struggling to Sell?

Are you trying but failing to sell your Long Island home? If so, Leave the Key can eliminate all stress from the process, by providing you with a same-day cash offer.

  • Save on Realtor fees and property marketing costs by bringing your home directly to a reputable home buyer.
  • Avoid foreclosure by calling us to get a cash offer for your home and sell fast, while preserving your credit score.
  • Benefit from fast closing, with cash paid to you by check or bank wire within days of us making you an offer. 

We buy houses for cash all across Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn, and New York.

Are you having trouble selling? If so, let us help you sell faster. Reach out to us today and we’ll make you a zero-obligation cash offer on your home. Start now by submitting your property details below.

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