Sell Your House Fast on Long Island

How You Can Sell Your House Fast

No matter what condition your house is in, we can buy your house quickly with cash, and we often close in as little as five days. Of course, we can also accommodate your schedule if more time is needed, but a high percentage of the calls we receive are from people who just don’t have the luxury of time when it comes to the sale of their home.

People are often surprised when they find out how quickly we can purchase their home- most homeowners are accustomed to a long, drawn-out process involving inspections, continuing negotiations, appraisals, multiple contingencies, bank loan approvals, the list goes on. Since we are cash buyers, we don’t have to deal with any of those time-consuming inspections or contingencies- all we need is the title search to be complete, which usually takes about five days, depending on the complexity of the title history.

What We Offer is What You Get

One of the other advantages of an all-cash transaction is you don’t have to worry about commissions and most closing costs. Leave The Key Homebuyers has an in-house brokerage firm, so we have the ability to perform all necessary brokerage services with no fees or commission required. The amount we offer is going to be the amount you receive- you will only be responsible for paying your share of outstanding property taxes and any mortgages or liens attached to the property.

Common Reasons Why a FAST Cash Sale Would Make Sense

The reasons for needing to sell quickly are wide ranging. No two situations are exactly alike, but here are some of the most common reasons people come to us for help with a quick sale:

The Bank Called, Trying to Avoid Foreclosure

When you’re facing pre-foreclosure, stress levels rise quickly. Some would point out that foreclosure is a slow process, which is true- but that doesn’t mean it’s fun or enjoyable. It’s not. Most people in this situation just want to relinquish ownership of their house quickly, and we have helped a lot of them do exactly that.

Just got a new job

This can be an exciting time, but it can also be a very stressful time- especially if the new job is far away. It’s not uncommon for people to acquire their new home before they even begin the process of selling their existing home- because when you’re trying to get your kids enrolled before school starts, priorities can shuffle around quickly. When this happens, the threat of paying two mortgages becomes real – and that can become a cash flow nightmare. A quick cash sale is sometimes the only option in this circumstance.

Inherited a House, Don’t Want It!

Taking ownership of a home suddenly and often unexpectedly can be a daunting responsibility- when you consider the need for security, maintenance, landscaping, and other responsibilities associated with homeownership, stress levels can rise quickly. Many people in this situation call us from other parts of New York and even from out of state- and they ask us to buy their newly acquired home as quickly as possible because they already have enough stressors in their life- they don’t need another one!

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