Sell Your Home When Relocating Off Long Island

Relocating off Long Island?

If you are facing the prospect of a job relocation that forces you to leave Long Island, you already have a long checklist important things to do – preparing for the new job, finding a new home, and getting ready to move. Leave The Key Homebuyers can help you avoid the stress and added pressure of selling your home in order to make the relocation easier for you and your family.

Home sale and relocation problems

In today’s real estate market, homeowners often find themselves in the unenviable position of needing to buy a new home while still trying to sell their old home. This can make it challenging to qualify for a new home, and conversely, it could require a seller to take on two mortgages because the purchase of the new home was settled before the transaction for the existing home was closed. This can be a tough situation to handle financially. Extended hotel/suites or short term rentals can present short term solutions, but they tend to be costly as well- especially when you consider the associated moving and storage expenses. If there is a job at stake, that can add even more pressure to sell the currently-owned property, not to mention the money needed to buy a new home.

Cash home sales make relocation MUCH easier

Selling a home quickly for cash dramatically enhances the whole relocation experience. By removing the stress involved with selling the old home, the family can concentrate on the more important job of buying or renting a home in their new location. It also enables them to pay off any existing loans in order to obtain a new mortgage on a new home. The situation changes from a difficult one that costs homeowners time, money, and frustration to a positive one that enables them to focus on their future without putting strain on their bank account.

Let’s get moving

We can make a cash offer on your home within 24 hours and complete the sale of your house in as few as 5 days to help ease the transition for you and your family. If you find yourself with a new dream job across the country but need to sell your home quickly, let’s get you on your way!
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