guide to selling your home fast

If you are looking to sell your home quickly, this guide will review the choices you have available and lay out all your options.

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About The Book.

There is no one size fits all approach to selling your house because what you should do in your unique situation depends on many things that are covered in this comprehensive guide. This ebook takes an unbiased look at the different methods available to sell a home and helps you identify which method is best for you based on your individual situation, goals, and objectives. This book will also help you identify some things you should consider first – before you even decide how to sell it and who with. These questions will help you decide whether selling your house right now is even the right decision.

Anybody who says you should never sell the conventional way with an agent simply doesn’t have your best interests in mind. Similarly, if you hear that selling to an investor is never the right move, you should run from that real estate agent’s advice as well.

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What’s inside.


What Is Best For You

The current housing market
What’s most important

3 Main Options to Sell Your House

Real estate agent
Real estate investor
For sale by owner

When Price Is Paramount

Pricing your house correctly
Find your rock-bottom price
Staging your house for top dollar

When It's About Speed

How fast can I really sell?
The timeframe explained
5 tips to sell quickly

Tough Situations

Inherited Property


How to get top dollar
When to use an agent
When to use an investor
What about vacant homes
What should I repair
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About the author.

Jamell Givens

Jamell has been helping people with real estate solutions for nearly two decades. After spending a few years learning the industry and building a track record of success as a licensed agent and then as a Broker, Jamell ultimately found his true passion and calling as a real estate investor. Jamell opened Leave The Key Homebuyers, the premier cash homebuying company in Nassau and Suffolk County, Queens, and Brooklyn.

Over the past 14 years he has bought, sold, rented, managed, listed, leased, renovated and appraised over one billion dollars of real estate in the Long Island, New York market.

Jamell Givens

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