Best Things to do in Brooklyn

Are you heading to New York City for a weekend off work but not sure where to go or what to do? We can help you make the most out of your 48-hour vacation! 

After all, you won’t have time to do everything. So, we think you should focus on one of the most exciting and “happening” neighborhoods in the Big Apple. You guessed it, Brooklyn! Brooklyn is one of the most widely visited tourist spots in all of NYC — for a good reason. 

With tons of shops, restaurants, cafes, bars, cultural attractions, museums, and outdoor parks, there is no shortage of fun things to do here all year round. Who knows, you may even want to learn how to sell a house fast in New York and move here! Let’s check out the best things to do in Brooklyn on a Saturday in the summertime. 

different parts of Brooklyn

Different Parts of Brooklyn

Just like with all of the NYC boroughs and neighborhoods, there are different parts of Brooklyn that you may want to explore. 

In fact, there are dozens of neighborhoods to explore during your upcoming trip — but we have narrowed down the expansive list to our favorites. Use Cash Home Buyers in Brooklyn to sell your home and find accommodation in your favorite neighborhood!

  • Brooklyn Heights — Head here to check out Waterfront Brooklyn Bridge Park.
  • Williamsburg — We love this neighborhood for hipsters and artistic people who want a lively night scene. 
  • Greenpoint — Wander around McCarren Park for swimming in the summertime or ice skating during the winter months. 
  • Bushwick — This neighborhood is an ethnic and culturally-diverse area with a vibrant food market (filled with Italian food!).
  • Brighton Beach — The best place to come during the 4th of July weekend in Brooklyn! Play some of the addicting arcade games on the boardwalk and get a great tan.
  • Boerum Hill — Gaze at the beautiful Tudor homes and peaceful atmosphere.
  • Flatbush — This diverse and unique neighborhood is great for Caribbean or Mexican food.
  • Fort Greene — Come here on a Saturday in Brooklyn to take in the thriving art scene and building murals. 
  • Carroll Gardens — An upscale area with beautiful homes and a “restaurant row” in Brooklyn. 
  • Crown Heights — Featuring green spaces, parks, and gardens, this nature-friendly area is great for long walks.
  • Red Hook — Artists and creatives will love wandering around the streets of this industrial waterfront area. 
  • Cobble Hill — An upscale and fancy neighborhood known for its cobblestone streets and Scandinavian influences.

Of course, there are many more neighborhoods besides the list above. Other popularly-visited spots include Windsor Terrace, Prospect Lefferts Gardens, Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights, Clinton Hill, and Manhattan Beach.  We buy houses New York City can help you sell your home and move to the neighborhood of your dreams! 

About Brooklyn

Before you head to Brooklyn to enjoy some weekend activities, you should check out some of the historical and lesser-known facts about this hip area of NYC!

  • Brooklyn was once its own city — Now just a neighborhood of the sprawling NYC, Brooklyn used to be a city in its own right before it merged with New York City at the end of the 19th century.
  • Brooklyn has a larger population and square-foot area than the bustling area of Manhattan
  • Although it has land on Long Island, Brooklyn is considered its own borough (just like Queens!)
  • Brooklyn has over 700 museums, art institutions, and cultural attractions! 
  • Brooklyn is a young area — the average age of people who live here is just under 35 years old
  • Brooklyn would be the fourth largest city in the USA if it was considered its own city
  • The name “Brooklyn” was derived from the Dutch word “breuckelen” 
  • Coney Island was home to the first roller coaster in the United States, debuting in 1884 – today, go on the thrilling Cyclone at this amusement park!
  • Prospect Park is the oldest park in the neighborhood, with almost 600 acres of green space 

COVID-19 Restrictions in Brooklyn

Like anything in life, things are changing — especially in this post-pandemic world from the intense Covid-19 disease. Although the Covid-19 pandemic is not officially gone, people are vaccinated and moving on with their lives now that the virus poses less of a deadly threat. 

Brooklyn has changed since Covid took hold, making necessary changes to keep its citizens and visitors happy and healthy. 

During the pandemic, New York City made multiple changes to keep people socially distanced and safe. However, now that most people have been vaccinated and received at least one of their booster shots, restrictions have eased across the city. The CDC even lifted its restrictions regarding a mandatory Covid-19 test before international travelers could fly to the US. 

In New York, proof of vaccination is no longer necessary for indoor restaurants, gyms, shopping, or entertainment options. Although the Center for Disease Control still encourages people to wear face masks while taking public transportation or in crowded areas, they are not mandatory.

Things to Do in Brooklyn

Are you ready to come to New York City? We think so! Check out these fun things to do in Brooklyn during your upcoming holiday. 

  1. Walk the Brooklyn Bridge — no visit to Brooklyn is complete without walking along the Brooklyn Bridge! This infamous landmark is famous for a reason. With incredible architecture and bridging the gap between Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn Heights. We recommend renting a bicycle and having a nice bike ride on the pedestrian and bike-only bridge! You may even see people kayaking in the water, the Manhattan Skyline, or the Statue of Liberty!
  2. Learn something at a Brooklyn Museum — Another great choice for a fun day out in Brooklyn, especially on a rainy day or cold winter, is heading to one of Brooklyn’s many museums. With over 700 institutions, you will never run out of things to see and facts to learn! If you come to Brooklyn with your family, we recommend Brooklyn Children’s Museum or the historical society for an educational afternoon.
  3. Bring back a souvenir from the Brooklyn Flea market — The Brooklyn Flea market contains vintage items, collectibles, local artwork, and souvenirs that are perfect for bringing home from your trip. 
  4. Go sightseeing in Dumbo — This strangely-named area is usually a tourist’s first stop after arriving in Brooklyn. Filled with cute cafes, cool bars, tasty restaurants, movie screenings, performing arts centers, street art, and endless boutiques, this is a hip and the central focal point of the Brooklyn neighborhood. 
  5. Have a picnic in the Botanic Garden — the Brooklyn Botanic Garden is popular all year round, but it really comes alive in the summertime with the bright blue skies and the cherry blossom trees! 
  6. Stay in Williamsburg — Every visitor to Brooklyn should spend at least one night in Williamsburg, a great hub for bars and restaurants. 
  7. Go on a ride at Coney Island — Coney Island is famous for having the first roller coaster in the United States! Head here to go on a merry-go-round, Ferris wheel, Jane’s Carousel, or heart-pounding roller coaster. 
  8. Have a few snacks at DeKalb Market Hall — DeKalb is a foodie’s heaven known for its bagels, breakfast food, and all-day ethnic cuisine (like some of the best Japanese food in the city).
  9. Visit the Brooklyn Academy of Music — Not only is the building itself something to see during your visit to Brooklyn, but you can head inside to check out live music, famous plays, or an incredible opera. 
  10. Walk around the Greenwood Cemetery — The Greenwood Cemetery offers incredible architecture, peace, and serenity compared to the hype and noise surrounding Brooklyn. With nearly 500 acres, Greenwood is a historical focal point for the graves of some of the most famous New Yorkers. Go on a private walking tour or guided tour of this historical area.  

Shopping in Brooklyn

Brooklyn offers chain stores, boutique shops, vintage outlets, and local stores with anything and everything you could ever want. If you want to head to a shopping center, check out the Empire Stores, The Mini Mall, City Point BROOKLYN, Gateway Center, or Kings Plaza Shopping Center. 

For vintage clothes, head to Brooklyn Flea market for unique clothing items and cool decor. If you are in the mood for specialty items and knick-knacks, head to one of the holiday markets, such as Shop the Archway during May. for unusual finds, check out Fifth Avenue, Court Streets in Carroll Gardens, Bedford Avenue, Grand Avenue, or Fulton Street. 

partying in Brooklyn

Partying in Brooklyn

Partying is easy in Brooklyn — there are hundreds of bars, beer gardens, restaurants, cocktail bars, and clubs! 

For those in Bushwick, check out House of Yes and Bossa Nova for a primetime clubbing experience. If you are staying in Williamsburg, we recommend trying one of the many rooftop bars or cocktail restaurants. If you are a fan of specialty cocktails, we recommend heading to Botanica in Red Hook! 

For those who would rather have a party-centric date night, Greenpoint is a fun spot to get some ice cream and sit outside. Or, you can try a more laid-back place in Green Pointe or Gowanus, like Union Hall or Lucky 13 Saloon. We love downtown Brooklyn for the food vendors, bars, and brews!

Coffee Shops in Brooklyn

After a long night of partying, you need some coffee the next morning as a pick-me-up. Fortunately for you, there are hundreds of great coffee shops, independent cafes, and food trucks in the city that can give you the caffeine fix you have been craving. 

We recommend Dweebs in Bushwick, Brooklyn Roasting Company in Dumbo, Daily Press Coffee in Stuyvesant, or Sweatshop Coffee Brooklyn in Williamsburg. Of course, you can head to Brooklyn Brewery after your coffee mix to have a beer too!

Best Lunchtime Spots in Brooklyn

Brooklyn is no stranger to great food — but there are a few that stand out among the rest. 

  • Laser Wolf — This Israeli food joint serves free dessert, thick french fries, steaks, sauteed vegetables, and mouth-watering food for lunch and dinner. 
  • Santa Fe BK — Tex-Mex and Mexican food are not to be missed while visiting Brooklyn. Known for its filling breakfast burritos and cheesy queso, Santa Fe BK is a great lunchtime burrito stop. 
  • Edith’s Eatery and Grocery — In the mood for a New York bagel for lunch? We don’t blame you! Head to Edith’s to get a bagel, matzah ball soup, or refreshing lox. 
  • Chino Grande — You will have to stay away past lunchtime to enjoy the karaoke portion for this meal, but you can head there in the middle of the day to enjoy savory finger foods. 
  • Ensenada — We love Mexican food! Ensenada has incredibly-fresh Mexican seafood, like filling octopus, that is great for a healthy lunch.  

Conclusion Paragraph

Of course, you want to go to Central Park. But what about Brooklyn? With gems like Luna Park, the New York Transit Museum, incredible nightlife, and the Brooklyn Academy of Music, this neighborhood is easily one of the best in NYC. 

Hop on one of the subway cars at the local subway station and check out pop-up shops, eat a hot dog at Coney Island, and enjoy the never-ending family-friendly activities. 

So, escape the hustle and bustle of the Bronx and Staten Island — come to Brooklyn instead! Learn more about the NY housing market and when it is best to move to this vibrant neighborhood. 

Things to do in Brooklyn During the Weekend