Sell a Hoarder’s House

Generally, preparing any house for sale and landing a potential buyer is not a walk in the park. If this is the case for a beautiful and well-maintained house, then selling the house of a hoarder’s home is even more complicated. 

This is especially because a hoarder’s house is characterized by being disorganized and unmaintained, and which is already a safety hazard to anyone living there. If this hoarder’s house has been a burden to you, selling it could be a huge relief. 

Luckily, although the process of selling the house is complicated, it is not impossible. It is possible to get a buyer for the house with the use of the right tips. 

Read this guide for comprehensive information on what you need to know about selling a hoarder’s house and how to sell a hoarder’s house.

Hoarders house for sale

Is It Worth Selling a Hoarder’s House?

Whether you are doing this for the first time or not, you most likely know that selling a hoarder’s house is not easy. However, if the house is unsold, it becomes a burden to make it a livable place again or continues to be a safety hazard to the hoarder. 

“Is it worth selling a hoarder’s house?” The simple answer to this question is yes. The hassle you might encounter before you finally exchange the house for cash is worth compared to what you will undergo if you try to maintain the hoarder’s house. This is especially if the hoarder is still living in this house. 

The longer the hoarder stays here, or the house stays empty, the more it loses its value. Therefore, get a buyer as soon as possible and sell the house before it depreciates more.

What Are the Costs of Selling a Hoarder’s House in NY?

Selling a house needs you to first invest some money in the house you are selling to make it ready for sale, and a hoarder’s home is of no exemption. 

You will spend a lot more to get a hoarder’s house ready for sale than you would for any other place. Some of these costs that you need to prepare for when selling a hoarder’s home in NY include

  1. Cleaning Costs When Selling a Hoarder’s House

Cleaning costs are probably the first thing that should come to mind. Unless you have a buyer who is willing to buy the house as-is, you shall need to have a good chunk of money to get this house worthy in the eyes of a potential buyer. 

Considering how bad the house is, a one-time cleaning crew is not enough to do the job. There are some problems in this house that a cleaning crew cannot handle. 

Therefore, hire a contractor who will handle everything that needs to be attended to in the house. This includes repairs, renovations, and cleaning.  

The cleaning costs when selling a hoarder’s house may vary based on factors like location, size of the house, the extent of damage, and the mess being cleaned in this home. Here is a general breakdown of what you are likely to pay for different types of blemishes.

  • Animal feces removal: $25 Per Bag
  • Crime scene cleanup: $600 per hour
  • Sewage backup: $10,000
  • Unattended death from natural causes: varies based on location and time of death.
  • Biohazard: $600 per hour

Other messes that you need to prepare for when approaching a hoarder’s house are:

  • Heavy odors
  • Biological waste
  • Rotten walls and floorboards
  • Parts such as counters and ceilings, among others that may need to be replaced
  • Dead animals
  • A broken and malfunctioning system
  • Pest control

Some of these costs may seem small individually, but when you add them up, they can quickly become a sizable expense.

  1. Staging Costs

Are you wondering whether you should pay for staging costs when selling a hoarder’s house? If yes, your answer is that you should pay for staging costs. After cleaning the house, staging will help make the house even more appealing to potential buyers. 

Staging your house even if you are selling to a buyer who buys the house as-is will help you boost its value, thus increasing the rate you sell it for. 

Studies show that staging increases the price of the house by almost 5%. Therefore, since the price of selling a hoarder’s home may not be as high, it is advisable to budget for staging costs to try and maximize the amount you receive from this sale.

  1. Marketing Costs

Unless you already have a ready buyer willing to buy the house, you need to market it to make it known to potential buyers. It is impossible to effectively market the home without spending any marketing costs. 

You need to pay for real estate listing sites, pay a real estate agent if you are using one to help you sell your house fast in Suffolk County, and create a selling website, especially if you are selling more than one house. 

Account for these and other marketing costs that you may need to get this house ready for sale. Otherwise, take advantage of platforms that allow you to market the house for free to help you reduce the amount you spend on marketing.

Should You Redecorate a Hoarder’s House for Sale?

After cleaning and staging the house, your next possible question is should you redecorate a hoarder’s house for sale. 

Generally, whether to decorate the house on sale depends on whether you already have a buyer. If there is already somebody willing to buy the house as it is, then redecorating the house is not a must. 

However, if you are still looking for a possible buyer, you should redecorate the house to make it more appealing to them. You can redecorate the house even if you already have a buyer. 

Redecorating increases the home’s value, and you will, therefore, earn more for a decorated house than for one that is not decorated.

How to Find Buyers for Your Hoarder House in NY?

Buyers looking forward to buy my house in New York are probably looking for a beautiful and well-maintained house that they can call home. With this in mind, you may give up selling your hoarder house, fearing that nobody could be interested in this one. 

However, before you give up on selling the house, remember that somebody could be highly interested in this house. As long as you brace yourself with enough information on how to find buyers for your hoarder house in NY, you will find a potential buyer.

Hiring a real estate agent is one of the best ways to land a buyer. This real estate agent will help you market your house and find a buyer. Considering that the real estate agent is a professional in this area, they will help you land a buyer in ways that you may have never suggested on your own. It is also good to confirm whether this agent is familiar with how to sell a hoarder’s house before hiring them.

On the other hand, you can look for companies that buy houses in Brooklyn to buy your house. 

You don’t always have to hire a real estate agent to help you get a cash buyer. Additionally, different types of cash home buyers are willing to buy the house as-is, saving you all the costs of getting the house ready for sale. 

This will, however, affect the overall amount you receive for the house.

things in a hoarded house for sale

How to Sell a Hoarder’s House in NY?

Thinking of how to sell a hoarder’s house in NY? Follow these steps:

  1. Clean the house – Vacate the hoarder from the house if they are still living there before cleaning the house.
  2. Update the house – This involves upgrading outdated systems in the home.
  3. Market the house – Reach out to potential buyers and let them know that this house is on sale
  4. Get a cash offer – Accepting a cash offer for your house will help you complete the home selling process quickly and smoothly.


As tricky as it may be, it is still possible to get a buyer for that dirty and disorganized house that somebody you know lives in. You can hire a contractor who will clean and renovate this home, making it attractive to buyers.

Otherwise, get a cash buyer who will buy the house and save you the hassles of getting the house ready for sale and give you money for the house within a few days.

Contact us and for answers to any questions on how to sell a hoarder’s house. We shall also make the process easier for you.