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      The Cash Offer Process On A House in New York

      One of the best ways to sell a house quickly is via a cash offer. A cash home buyer is a much better choice than the standard real estate selling process of working with home buyers and their lenders.
      The Cash Offer Process On A House in New York

      Introduction to the Cash Offer Process

      The cash offer on a house process is much faster since the buyer has the money upfront and won’t need to have a lender review their credit score and financial history.

      Perhaps you are starting a new job in another state or need to move because of a family emergency, the cash-offer on-house process will get your home sold much faster while bypassing the entire mortgage loan headache as well as the need for a buyer real estate agent. Buyers won’t need to stress about the interest rate on a loan.

      In this guide, you will learn:

      • Exactly how long cash home purchases take
      • The laws of selling a house to a cash buyer in New York
      • The real estate documentation related to a cash offer
      • The home inspections
      • The closing process

      To find out more about the process of selling a house via a cash offer, keep reading! 

      How Long Do Cash Home Purchases Usually Take?

      You will find that a cash home purchase takes only about one or two weeks to complete, explained Suz Poepke Pohl, owner and escrow agent at Cygneture Title. First, this should hopefully take only one day to receive and accept the cash offer on your home, especially in a seller’s market.

      Sometimes, a cash buyer may want a discount. If you’re in a bind and need to sell quickly, take a small drop in price. The next step is for the seller to determine the home buyer has the cash to complete the sale. You’ll need to request proof of funds from the buyer, which may take one to two days. 

      Then, it will take one day to secure title and escrow services and three days to complete a title search. Buyers can book home inspections about one week in advance and up to four hours to complete. 

      Once the buyer handles the inspection contingency, the appraisal takes one to five days to finish. Then you can complete the final walkthrough and close with all closing costs included on the last day.

      Cash Home Buyer Laws in New York

      When a home buyer in the state of New York makes an offer on a property and the homeowners or sellers accept the offer, there are no laws or regulations that will stop either party from walking away from the sale. 

       As a home seller, you become legally bound to the sale of the house once you have signed a formal contract with the home buyers. 

      Once an offer is accepted, a realtor and or real estate attorney work quickly to complete the paperwork and get the contract signed by both parties. You will probably be “in contract” for about one week after you accept the cash offer from the buyer. 

      The Cash Offer On House Process in New York

      Sellers may need to hire a real estate agent to find cash buyers. The next steps in the cash home buying process include the buyer making an offer and the seller accepting the cash offer.

      Next, the home buyer arranges the home inspection. The home buyer and seller need to hire real estate lawyers early in the home cash purchase. These attorneys arrange all paperwork and help buyers and sellers negotiate contract terms. 

      When both parties have signed the contract, the buyer must pay a down payment, which is usually 10 percent of the home sale purchase price. Sellers then provide information about the condition of the property and the buyers will order the title report. 

      Then, the buyer gets the title insurance. Closing statements are prepared and filled out on the closing day. Last, the deed needs to be filed with the county clerk’s office. Best of all, the hassle of home loans or a monthly mortgage payment won’t be necessary with cash sales.

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        Contracts and other Pre-Sale Documentation 

        After a cash offer is accepted, real estate attorneys arrange for both parties to sign a formal contract. Other pre-sale documentation may include a municipal lien search. In addition, if a homeowner’s association is part of the sale, the HOA may need to approve the buyer’s application.

        A title search will also need completion. Clearing the title is essential to keep the sale moving forward. Then, you’ll need to sign closing documents, which include the deed, property disclosures, and the settlement statement. Real estate attorneys are responsible for preparing these documents.

        Home Inspections

        If your home buyer is a first-time buyer, make sure they understand their responsibilities, including that of booking a home inspection. The buyer may also work with a real estate agent who will arrange a home inspector to check out the house to identify any issues and target the necessary solutions.

        The real estate attorneys should target any issues found in the home appraisal within the contract. Essentially, a lawyer can define the problems with the home and set a certain amount of time for the seller to fix the issues.

        However, with a cash transaction, often buyers are fine with bypassing any potential problems and tend to complete the real estate transaction and buy the home in an “as-is” condition. 

        Payment Processes

        The more earnest money home buyers can put forward toward paying for a house, the more it will intrigue the sellers and the less money they’ll need to borrow. An entire cash transaction is the best choice since it will streamline the home sale and avoid the need for home loans.

        However, if your seller cannot offer a complete cash offer, then ask if they can top a cash offer from a competitor. A bidding war is even better for a seller. 

        Before you accept any cash offer, check out the valuation of your home, especially since cash offers are historically lower than those attached to a loan. Yet, it does allow you to sell your home in an “as-is” condition.

        Closing Documentation and Transfers 

        Closing Documentation and Transfers 

        When the closing date creeps up, the buyer will need to order a title report and check if there are any liens against the property. Then, the buyer will need to get a title insurance policy, which will protect him or her in case anyone challenges their title to the property. 

        Homeowners’ insurance is also essential. Lastly, the real estate attorneys will arrange the closing settlement statement. You may also need to sign property disclosures and the deed.

        How to Sell Your House to a Cash Home Buyer in New York

        Are you worried about how hard it is to sell a house in NY? If selling a home to a buyer with a mortgage loan isn’t working out, you may want to seek alternative ways to sell a house. Selling to a cash home buyer in New York might be the best solution.

        If you’re looking for a cash deal and you’re fine with taking a lower sale price to sell your home quickly in an “as-is” condition, then seek a realtor who can connect you with companies that buy houses in Queens. Luckily, we buy houses on Long Island.

        Cash home buying companies will make you an offer on your place and then you’ll need to decide whether to accept the offer. The rest of the process is like a standard real estate transaction except for the hassle of dealing with a lender. 


        When I needed someone to buy my house in New York, I worked with a cash home buying company. I went through with it and accepted the offer. Then the signing contracts, pre-sale documentation, and closing documents began. The cash transaction is a much faster process than dealing with the hassle of a mortgage lender.

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