5 Ways to Sell Your Home Faster on Long Island

  • January 2, 2020
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How Can You Sell Your Home Faster?

You have made the decision that you are ready to sell your home. Congratulations! However, don’t think that this is as simple as putting a “For Sale” sign on the home and waiting for the buyers to come to you. While the buyers may stop in, if there are certain aspects of the home that have not been taken care of, then you are going to be sitting there wondering why no buyer has decided to buy. There are tons of things that you need to do to your home before you put this on the market to be seen by buyers!

1. Remove Clutter and Junk

Any junk or clutter that is in your home should be removed before you open this home up to potential buyers to look at. Why is this? This is considered a home staging basic! When people come into a home to consider this for purchase, they want to see the clean slate of the home. They do not need to see your collection of stuffed animals or the old furniture that you love sitting in the home. When you get rid of the clutter and junk in your home, you are allowing people to see the home as it is and the potential that it will give them. Plus, the more you get rid of now, the less you have to move when you do get your home sold!

2. Take Time to Clean

Many people take offense to this advice as they don’t think that their home is dirty. Even if you religiously scrub your counters and floors, chances are there are still some lingering odors. These do not have to be offensive odors, it may be something as simple as a type of candle that you always burn because you love it. The best advice that can be given is to deep clean the home. Get down on your hands and knees and scrub the floors, even wash the walls to get it sparkling clean. Buyers are more likely to respond to the home when it is clean. A great idea is to ask a friend to come over and see what they smell when they walk into the home. If they are immediately talking about the smell of ‘clean’ then you have succeeded!

Man painting a house on long island to sell home faster

3. Paint Touch Ups Are a Must

If you have a home that has a ton of color in it, while they may be your style, we often recommend that you go with a neutral color scheme throughout a home to get it sold sooner and make it more appealing to buyers. Plus, white and cream colors have the added benefit of making a room appear larger, which is a huge plus in the eyes of buyers. If you already have white or cream-colored walls, be sure to do some paint touch-ups where they are needed. In fact, many people who are looking to sell their home will often decide to coat their walls again with white or cream-colored paints to give the home a fresh paint smell.

With that being said about painting, for those who have wallpaper on a home, they may find that this is a huge turnoff to those who are looking to buy. Wallpaper is one of those items that is personal to the homeowner. What one person likes, another may hate. If you have a wallpaper, consider getting this off and going to a simple white painted wall to make it more appealing when the home is being shown to buyers.

4. Remember the Big 3

The Big 3 refers to the HVAC, foundation and roof of a home. These are the three biggest items that can make or break a sale of the home. When buyers are looking at a home, they are more concerned with these 3 items since they are such big items in a home. If you know that your HVAC system needs replacing, then you are going to want to get this replaced before buyers come into the home. If you don’t then chances are, the home is going to sit on the market for many months or until you decide to make these repairs.

Get the Big 3 elements inspected in your home before going to the market, so you can have this inspection in hand to show prospective buyers that these elements are okay in the home. This can be one of the best ways to get your home sold to buyers who are looking for a new home in the area.

5. Sell Your House As-Is

If you truly want to sell fast, the quickest option is going to be selling to a local cash buyer. Investors, like Leave The Key Homebuyers, purchase properties as-is, so you don’t need to go through any of the steps above – no cleaning, no painting, no junk removal, and no expensive repairs – just pack up what you want and leave what you don’t. If you contact us, we’ll take a look at the home and make a fair cash offer based on the current condition of the property. If you agree to our no-obligation cash offer, you can choose the closing date of your choice and we can take the house off your hands quickly.

5 Ways to Sell Your Home Faster on Long Island